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Past Projects

Compose project

The vision of the COMPOSE project is to integrate the IoT and the IoC with the IoS through an open marketplace, in which data from Internet-connected objects can be easily published, shared, and integrated into services and applications. In COMPOSE U-Hopper was responsible for the implementation of a use case in the retail sector; the resulting technology was later on spinned off as RetailerIN.

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Creatify project

CreatiFI aims at boosting innovation in the creative media industries through the adoption of novel information and communication technology solutions based upon the FI-WARE open-source Future Internet enablers. U-Hopper was supported by CreatiFI in the development of a FI-WARE-enabled innovative solution for context-aware personalised advertising.

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Locos project

The LOCOS project targets the realization of an integrated platform for designing, managing and delivering location-based services, with a specific focus on outlet villages and shopping malls. LOCOS is an R&D project funded by PAT under the FESR framework. LOCOS is a cooperative project between U-Hopper and Futur-3. The technology developed in LOCOS by U-Hopper was spinned off within ThinkIN.

La montagna di Latte project

The 'Montagna di Latte' ('Milk Mountain') project aims at developing a knowledge center for local dairy farmers, targeting both citizens and tourists interested in understanding the value and impacts of such production chain. U-Hopper developed the supporting IT platform, enabling citizens and tourists to easily access relevant knowledge and information about events and experiences related to the dairy production in Trentino.

Citi-Sense project

Citi-Sense is developing “citizens’ observatories” empowering citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance while at the same time enabling them to support and influence community and societal priorities and associated decision making. U-Hopper was in charge of developing the crowdsourcing platform supporting the collection and analysis of citizen-generated information and knowledge. Results from CITI-SENSE helped shaping the CIVICFLOW product line.

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Smart Society project

SmartSociety is setting the scientific and technological foundations for the design, operation and management of hybrid and diversity-aware collective adaptive systems, in which humans and machines seamlessly collaborate. U-Hopper developed and integrated the enabling IT platform, called SmartCollectives, which was later made available under an open source license.

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I-Locate project

I-locate targets the introduction of an open source toolkit for building location-based services based on the ability of monitoring and tracking people and assets across outdoor and indoor environments and powered by open data on indoor spaces. U-Hopper was in charge of designing and integrating the backend component which was released as Open Source and can be accessed at: https://gitlab.com/ilocate/

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Fiesta-IoT project

The Fiesta-IoT project provides tools, techniques, processes and best practices enabling IoT testbed/platforms operators to interconnect their facilities in an interoperable way based upon cutting edge semantics-based solutions. Within Fiesta-IoT, U-Hopper aims at developing a conversational information service allowing users to interface with the IoT devices via a chatbot. The chatbot is going to precisely respond to the specific users’ questions while concealing the heterogeneity of the underlying infrastructure, data and devices available in a Smart City.

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Organicity project

OrganiCity is a service for experimentation that explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges.
U-Hopper won one of the Organicity open calls with its TalkingCity project. TalkingCity aims at developing new ways for citizens to access information and data about the local environment. In particular, we focus on the usage of conversational interfaces, powered by chatbots, as an alternative to more traditional Web or app-based approaches. You can try it out live at: TalkingCity Messenger!

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