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Research & Development


SCENT is a H2020 funded innovation project that will engage citizens in environmental monitoring and enable them to become the ‘eyes’ of the authorities and policy makers. In doing so citizens will support the monitoring of land-cover/use changes using their smartphones.

U-Hopper is tasked with the design and implementation of the crowdsourcing platform that enable people-generated web of observation to augment the costly in-situ infrastructure traditionally deployed. The crowdsourcing platform is based on CIVICFLOW product properly extended to handle images and to facilitate two-way interactions.

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The Fiesta-IoT project provides tools, techniques, processes and best practices enabling IoT testbed/platforms operators to interconnect their facilities in an interoperable way based upon cutting edge semantics-based solutions.Within Fiesta-IoT, U-Hopper aims at developing a conversational information service allowing users to interface with the IoT devices via a chatbot.

The chatbot is going to precisely respond to the specific users’ questions (‘Is room number 102 available at University of Surrey?’, ‘What will be the temperature tomorrow in Santander?’, ‘When is next bus to city center arriving?’) while concealing the heterogeneity of the underlying infrastructure, data and devices available in a Smart City.

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Tapoi is an innovative customer intelligence service for web portal owners and mobile application developers. Tapoi leverages online activities of users to provide actionable knowledge on their interests and attitudes, allowing the optimization of offers and contents and the improvement of the user experience.

The DataSci4Tapoi project will empower the current version of Tapoi by adding advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. This will provide a boost to the growth of the company and positioning it at the forefront of user analytics for web portals and mobile apps.

Read here a short interview with our Data Scientist, Dr. Christian Torrero.

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Fog computing is emerging as a new paradigm for powering novel applications and services through the provisioning of a distributed computing infrastructure able to process data closer to users. Major leaders in the ICT sector (like Cisco, Huawei, IBM etc.) are heavily investing into this innovation line, which is expected to have a major impact on several application domains, in much the same way the cloud is impacting them now.

FogGuru is funded by the European Commission under the H2020 MSCA programme, and it will deliver an industrial doctoral programme specifically focussed on fog computing. U-Hopper in particular will train two PhD students on the design and engineering of scalable data pipelines for fog computing infrastructures and fog-enabled interactive services for smart city.

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