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U-Hopper is a deep startup company founded in late 2010 as a spin-off of the CREATE-NET international research center.

U-Hopper has a strong focus on the combination of Internet-of-Things, mobile computing technologies and big data analytics, with the aim of delivering advanced insight and analytics to businesses and personalized, situation-aware contents and services to end users.

U-Hopper brings together a strong background in the design and development of innovative ICT solutions with the ability of rapidly deploying and operating top-quality solutions and services.


Chief Executive Officer Iacopo Carreras
Chief Financial Officer Diego Taglioni
VP Executive R&D Daniele Miorandi
Chief Technology Officer Andrei Tamilin
Software Engineer Carlo Caprini
Sr. Product Manager, Software Architect Tommaso Schiavinotto
Web Designer, Front-end Developer Rossana Bartolacelli
Sr. Software Engineer Andrea Zito
Sr. Software Developer Uladzimir Kharkevich
Data Scientist Christian Torrero