Connects off-line marketing
campaigns like billboards, flyers
and magazines to mobile
geo-localised marketing actions.

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Tapoi is an innovative customer intelligence
service for semantically profiling users
based on their social Web activities.

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Create civic engagement
campaigns enclosing
citizens in the loop.

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Solomon is the advertising platform
able to combine in a unique way
physical and digital marketing.

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Mission & Vision

U-Hopper is a high-tech start-up company whose mission is to fully exploit the potential of big data platforms and Internet-of-Things technology to provide innovative value-added services to individuals, communities and businesses.

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Thanks to the strong scientific and technical background of its staff, U-Hopper offers to its customers expertise in design and implementation, advanced data mining techniques, indoor location-based services, rich user profiling and much more.

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Our product portfolio includes solutions for: profiling your customers' base according to their online and offline behaviour, optimising omnichannel marketing strategies, advanced social media analytics.

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